Caitlin Caitlin Dugas
International Educational Advisor: Faculty-led International Programs (FLIP), Spain

Caitlin Dugas is a graduate of New Mexico State University. She studied abroad in Shanghai, China, and loved it so much that she went back to teach English. She worked with incoming exchange students from 2014-2015, and now advises NMSU students going abroad. Hong Kong is her favorite place in the world, and she treasures the memory of first looking out the hotel window onto the busy 7 a.m. streets on her first morning on the island.
Favorite countries she has visited: Hong Kong, Japan

Favorite saying: "Follow your bliss.” -- Joseph Campbell
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Kari Kari Cena
Incoming Exchange Advisor, International Education Advisor: Non-Spanish speaking locations

Kari Cena is a lifelong traveler. Starting her life as a military brat and spending more than a decade as an Air Force spouse, Kari has seen and experienced many places, both within the US and Abroad. Kari has her B.A from Gustavus Adolphus College and her M.S in Management from Troy State University. While a student at Gustavus, she spent a semester in India. Following college, Kari taught English at Jilin University of Technology in Changchun, China. The highlight of Kari's time abroad, however, was living in Northern Japan for eight years. It instilled a lifelong love of the Japanese people, language and culture.

Favorite Experiences Abroad: Spending Thanksgiving Day at the Taj Mahal, walking the Great Wall of China & every day spent in Japan!

Hobbies: She doesn't have any…she has 3 kids! 😉
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Marcela Marcela Monger
International Education Advisor: Latin America

Marcela Monger is a proud Aggie alumni from Chihuahua, Mexico. She had her first opportunity to study abroad in Brazil during high school, which sparked her interest in traveling and learning about new cultures and languages, not to mention her obsession for Brazilian food! While attending New Mexico State University, she also studied abroad in Spain and Canada. Marcela has since worked in the International Education field in various capacities and continues to visit new countries, as well as friends she has met along the way, as often as possible.

Favorite countries she has visited: Brazil, Spain and Italy

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SydnieSydnie Roper
Pre Advisor/Marketeer Coordinator

Sydnie Roper is a 2016 graduate from New Mexico State University where she studied Studio Art, Photography, and Graphic Design. She studied abroad for a fall semester in Preston, England before returning to NMSU to complete her bachelor’s degree in the spring. The summer following graduation she interned in Dublin, Ireland and fell in love with the country’s history, culture and landscapes. Sydnie really cherished how Dublin became a second home to her and believes this is what studying, working and living abroad is all about.

Favorite Countries she has visited: Ireland, Spain, England, France

Favorite saying: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change” -Michael Jackson (The King of Pop)

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longwellProfessor Jeff Longwell
Faculty Advisor for All Intensive Language Programs

Jeff Longwell has been traveling and learning abroad since his high school years. He lived in Argentina as a missionary for over two years, which piqued his interest for languages and culture. He is the coordinator for Spanish 111-212, the Graduate Director for the MA in Spanish Program at NMSU, and the Foreign Studies Advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences. He has traveled extensively, especially to Spanish-speaking countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Paraguay, Spain, and Uruguay. He has accompanied numerous NMSU groups to study in Argentina/Uruguay and Costa Rica. Jeff believes that every Aggie should study abroad, especially to learn another language.

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OEA Marketeers

BeccaBecca Edgerton

Hola! Me llamo Becca Edgerton, I am a nursing and Spanish major here at NMSU. I am from Aztec, New Mexico and am in my third year of college. I had my first experience abroad in Cambodia right after I graduated from High School. I spent a month traveling, volunteering and living with a host family on the island of Koh Preah. After my freshman year of college, I studied abroad for the first time in Costa Rica. I went in thinking I would just fulfill my language requirement but fell totally in love with the language and the culture and decided to double major! I spent last summer volunteering in a clinic in Quito, Ecuador and working on a farm in the Galápagos Islands. I am currently planning to travel to Spain this summer for a month to finish my Spanish degree, and then travel throughout Europe until school starts. Absolutely none of the experiences I have had abroad would have been possible if I hadn't taken advantages of all the opportunities we have here at NMSU. Taking the first step out of my comfort zone and travel was the best decision I have made yet!