What is a Study Abroad Pathway?

Study Abroad Pathways are a result of enhanced collaborations between the Office of Education Abroad and a variety of  academic departments across the University. The goal of the Pathway is to identify one or two study abroad programs per NMSU department that have comparable courses/curricula to NMSU’s. Department Heads and faculty from NMSU work with their counterparts at the institution abroad (typically one of NMSU’s bilateral exchange partners) to assess and map the curriculum so that students from both NMSU and the institution abroad are fully aware of what courses will be taken and how those courses will be transferred back to the student’s home institution.


Study Abroad Pathway Goals

One of the primary goals of the Study Abroad Pathway is to provide our students with a guarantee that their time abroad will keep them on track academically while maintaing normal progress towards a student’s degree requirements (just as they were attending courses at NMSU).  Another of the program’s goals is to build a coalition of study abroad supporters across campus. Under the current model, the Offices of Education Abroad and International and Border Programs provide assistance for Department Heads/faculty to travel abroad and visit the Pathway program. NMSU faculty meet with their counterparts abroad to map curriculum as well as tour the university and explore campus dining and housing options. Upon return from their visit abroad, Department Heads and faculty create a study abroad website (typically embedded in the department’s website) and begin working with their students that are interested in spending a semester abroad.


*Note: We are in the process of working with several other departments across campus to establish Study Abroad Pathways. This website will be updated as new programs are established.


Chemical and Materials Engineering Loughborough University (UK)Semesters 5 & 7 recommended
Kinesiology Loughborough University (UK)

For Faculty: If you are interested in establishing a Study Abroad Pathway for your department, please contact the Office of Education Abroad to set up an appointment.