NMSU Students


Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! These pages contain all the information you’ll need, from getting credit and financial aid, to how to pack and the cheapest ways to travel.

Notice of Non-discrimination

The Study Abroad Process

In brief:

August-September/ January-February

  • Complete Disciplinary Verification Form
  • Run a STAR Degree Audit
  • Students attend their Getting Started Appointment
  • Apply for Passport
  • Attend Planning Appointment


  • Deadlines for applying to study abroad:


  • Receive Acceptance Letters
  • Attend Completion Appointment
  • Apply for Visa if necessary
  • Purchase Flight
  • Attend Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Flight information due


In detail:
1. Create an Office of Education Abroad Account.

To make an account for a student, click “Login” on the main page, or request advising on any Program page (it doesn’t matter which). Select that you have an NMSU username and password. Log in with your username (omit the @nmsu.edu). Then click yes to create a profile.

2. Complete the Disciplinary Verification Form

Disciplinary Verification Form, or pick up a copy in the office. The instructions are located on the top of the form.

3. Complete the Getting Started Signature Document

This can be found by logging in to your Education Abroad Account, and clicking “Advising Application.”


Scheduling An Appointment

Once those 3 tasks are complete, you can make an appointment by logging in, and clicking schedule an appointment at the top of the page.

Select the appropriate advisor based on the region you’d like to study in.

Please fill out the request form in the following format, then click Click to Request An Appointment to select a time.

Appointment Example


Come by the Office of Education Abroad, Garcia Annex, Room 132, at the time you selected for your first appointment. You will have three study abroad appointments:

1. Getting Started Appointment
  • Determine which program works best for you based on your study abroad goals
  • Review the program budget sheet and sign it to pay the non-refundable $350 processing fee
  • Receive and complete the next documents:
    • OEA Health Form
    • Course Equivalency Form
    • Verification of Financial Aid
    • Apply for a Passport
    • Program Application
  • Complete the Signature Documents on your online Office of Education Abroad account
2. Planning Appointment
  • Receive help with your application if necessary
  • Information on flights
  • Information on visas
  • Other logistics as needed
3. Completion Appointment
  • Ask any final questions,
  • Submit any remaining paperwork
  • Submit your flight information.