Going Abroad

Are you ready to go abroad? Take the assessment below…

Twenty Questions for the World Traveler: How well can I adapt to another culture?

To assess how hard you may have to work to succeed in another country, rate yourself on your responses to the statements below. Use a scale of 1-5 to rate how strongly you agree with the statement: 1 being low and 5 being high.

  • I am constantly trying to understand myself better. I know my strengths and weaknesses.
  • I respect the opinions of others, though I may not always agree with them
  • I interact well with people who are different from me in age, race, economic status or education.
  • When I am at a party with people of another culture, I go out of my way to meet them.
  • I do not need to understand everything going on around me. I tolerate ambiguity well.
  • I am able to change course quickly. I can change my plans or expectations to adapt to a new situation.
  • I often find humor in difficult situations and afterwards I can laugh at myself.
  • When I have to wait, I am patient. I can be flexible with my agenda, schedule or plans.
  • I am always asking questions, reading, exploring. I am curious about new things, people and places.
  • I am resourceful and able to entertain myself.
  • I tackle problems confidently, without always needing the help of staff or friends.
  • When things go badly, I am able to keep my mind clear and my attitude positive.
  • I have made mistakes and learned form them.
  • In an unfamiliar situation, I watch and listen before acting.
  • I am a good listener.
  • When I am lost, I ask for directions.
  • I sincerely do not want to offend others.
  • I like people and accept them as they are.
  • I am sensitive to the feelings of others and observe their reactions when I am talking.
  • I like new ideas, new ways of doing things and am willing to experiment.

Total your answers.

  • If your score is 80 or greater, you have already made good progress toward intercultural sensitivity and an acceptance of difference.
  • If your score is between 50-79, you may have to work on developing the attitudes and behaviors needed for good adjustment to studying/living abroad.
  • If you are below 50, it may be important to assess your reasons for studying/living abroad, and to work towards better intercultural sensitivity and acceptance. If you need help with developing these skills, please read through these resources, and come into the office to talk to us!